Children waiting for a great foster family

March 26, 2014


Jenny (6) and David (3)

Jenny and David lived at home with their mum and her boyfriend Tom. There were frequent rows between their mum and Tom, often when they had both been drinking, and sometimes Tom hit their mum. When the rows got too bad, a decision was made that Jenny and David needed to be looked after in a foster home, while social workers try to help sort out the problems at home.

Jenny and David wanted to stay together, as they are very close; Jenny has always looked after David when things have been difficult at home. They need a foster family who can care for both of them, and help them to keep in contact with their mum too. They also need a foster mum who is sensitive to Jenny’s protectiveness towards David, and help her to just be a little girl and let go of the ‘parenting’ of her brother.

It is not known how long Jenny and David will need to be in foster care, but it is likely to be at least six months before final decisions are made about whether they can return home, or whether they will need a permanent new family.

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Children waiting for a great foster family

There are many children in care in Lancashire, of all ages from babies to teenagers, who need to be looked after in foster homes.

Many of the children referred to Caritas Care for foster placement are ‘difficult’ to place. This may be because they are older children, teenagers, have complex emotional problems, or have a physical or learning disability. It may be because they are a sibling group and need to stay together. Children like this need foster carers who have the time, space and experience to care for them.

Here are some stories of the sort of children and young people we place:

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