Becoming a foster carer with Caritas Care.

Becoming a foster carer with Caritas Care.

When we looked into fostering initially, we looked around and spoke to people about fostering; they were keen to share their horror stories with us. Subsequently, we weren’t sure where to go. However, fate intervened as we were shopping in the Deepdale shopping centre in Preston, and spoke to someone from Caritas Care. I thought this was a sign, so we arranged for a call from one of their team members.

We initially spoke with Caritas Care when my Dad was still alive. I cared for my Dad at home as he was unwell, and also, we were having the house done up. We knew after speaking with Caritas that the time wasn’t right for us, so we put it on hold, ready to pick it up later. Sadly, my Dad passed away 6 months later. Again, we waited until we felt ready, and I called Caritas, who were terrific; they came to visit us at home and went through all the fostering information.  When the time came for us to go to the panel, we were dreaming about becoming foster carers; we were ready for it as a family. We were delighted to become approved foster carers with Caritas Care; now the journey would begin…

The decision we made was to provide respite care initially.

When we decided to foster, we opted for older children from the on-set and were approved for children aged 0-18. We offered respite care initially. Fostering is a scary thing to do initially, and you question everything. You ask yourselves, are we doing the right thing; however, you have to go with it and work it out because you have made a commitment, and you learn.

We became approved with Caritas Care; thus, almost straight after becoming approved, we were asked if we would have an emergency respite placement? I spoke with the Social worker, and she gave me the details and said I would have a chat with Stuart and get back to her in the next hour or so. When the young lady arrived, we got along immediately; subsequently, we continued to provide respite care for her for over two years. We took to her, and she took to us, it was that simple, and it worked well.

We also provided respite care for a little boy for over two weeks, and he was hard work, but the teenager was a breeze!

Respite care is very important for some children to build relationships with someone that they can rely on for small parts of their lives. The stability of respite care is for children to know what to expect and have consistent care with someone they know; more importantly, with someone who understands them too.

 ‘Caritas Care work hard at matching the child with our family, and it is this matching that is vital to the child and our own family dynamics.’

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.

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