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Faces of Fostering – Akmal and I are very calm people.

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Faces of Fostering – Akmal and I are very calm people.

Akmal is a very calm person, he is very reflective man and is a positive role model for the boys. The boys often see Akmal as he cooks and cleans, he does the laundry and the gardening, in roles which are often seen as a woman’s role which is the role they had in the past with their own Mum. ‘

‘The boys can see that with Akmal and I, we are a team. They have sussed out that if I say no, they will go to him, and he knows I have said no and stays with it because we are a team.’

‘We also have quality time together as a family doing everyday things, and at mealtimes they will see Akmal washing up because it is normal in our family. Akmal also has his own garage, so the boys go in there to learn about cars, and they will talk with him about anything, and everything.’

‘Akmal is with them more than I am because I have a 9-5 job. However, since COVID, I have more flexibility in my hours and we are all together in the evenings and weekends, and the boys are in school during the day.’

Religion and faith for the boys is important.

‘The boys have Arabic lessons, and we have encouraged them in this because the boys have missed a lot of religious input in their lives. Our boys have attended mosque since they were four years old; however, our foster boys have not had this input and when the mosque assessed their learnings, they were significantly lower. This meant they would have been placed with five-year-olds and this would not fit right for them and would lower their confidence.’

‘We sourced Arabic lessons online and they have lessons twice a week and they are coming on well; their teachers tell us they are listening and learning well. The boys are now allowed to attend prayer, sometimes it is too late for them because of school, but they pray together at home and both boys have embraced it.’ ‘Both the boys are very competitive of each other, but their learning has worked well, and their confidence has improved greatly.’

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

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