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Faces of Fostering – Caritas Care gives us a sense of belonging.

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Faces of Fostering – Caritas Care gives us a sense of belonging.

Sarah and Andrew agreed, ‘the team at Caritas Care are dedicated to making you feel you have a sense of belonging with them.’

‘Thankfully, now COVID restrictions have now been lifted, we are looking forward to meeting other foster carers and making positive relationships together.

‘More importantly, the children can meet up again when Caritas’s activities start.’ ‘This will bring much needed outside fun for the children; they can make friends and form their own sense of belonging together and gel as friends.’

Sarah and Andrew have become approved foster carers during the Coronavirus pandemic. This has brought challenges; however, most of their training has been done on WhatsApp and online. They both feel they have been supported well.

Sarah said, ‘the training courses we attended were easy to understand.’ ‘Everyone was friendly, informal, and I enjoyed learning online and, eventually, in person. Actually, it was pretty nice that it gave Andrew and me a chance to do something together.’

Sarah and Andrew have also provided mentor support to 2 other couples who are now going through fostering assessment. They give feedback on Caritas Care and their fostering experience and understand how important it is to speak with them early on.

Sarah said, ‘It’s good for us to speak with other potential foster carers because we can help them make their own decisions about fostering.’

Sarah and Andrew agree, ‘Caritas Care never made us feel inferior. ‘There is a balance between our professional relationship with Lucy and our personal one. This balance is borne out of respect.’

‘Also, you feel you are on an even keel with everyone because Caritas Care has no hierarchy.’ Sarah said, ‘as a professional woman, this empowered me, and it made a significant difference on our fostering journey.’

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.


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