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Faces of Fostering – Karen on Young People and Social Media

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Faces of Fostering – Karen on Young People and Social Media

Social media, young people and the importance of staying safe online…

“Ugh, Tik Tok – I hate it, and the security settings are really unhelpful. My foster child and I have a good relationship as far as social media is concerned. She will tell me if she has seen something funny; more importantly, she tells me if she has seen something controversial. She is very open to sharing, and she knows I monitor her phone, but she’s good about that.

I have to check her phone, but she knows I am not policing her. She knows I check her phone because she knows I trust her; it is something that I must do to protect her.

She uses Snapchat a lot, and all of her friends are on it. However, if she sees something that is controversial, she will always ask me what I think? Like most teenage girls, social media is a part of their everyday world; however, she knows we can talk about anything.

All children are different and have their own unique skills and their own personalities. Equally, this is true of adults. I am a calm person; many people say that I can stay calm in a crisis; it is my strength.

I tend naturally to be calm, and I reflect this calmness in everything I do. This strength helps when young people get worried and begin to be afraid; I can calm them down and reassure them that we can sort everything out, it will always be okay.”


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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

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