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Faces of Fostering – Sarah and Andrew; finding Caritas Care and the process

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Faces of Fostering – Sarah and Andrew; finding Caritas Care and the process

‘We decided to look for an agency, and we had heard that maybe the Local Authority would not give us the support we needed. So, we googled fostering agencies that were close to where we lived.’

‘Some agencies said they covered our area, but this meant they had a call centre which was nowhere near our home.’ ‘Caritas Care was 20 minutes away from us, and then we decided to read online about different agencies.’

‘The information we found helped us decide; we would go with a Charity rather than a business.’

‘We contacted Caritas Care and met up with Lucy, who is now our Social Worker and whom we now feel is part of our family.’ ‘Lucy spoke with us about the process. We agreed to explore fostering further because it felt right; we knew we had found the right agency with Caritas Care, and our Social worker, Lucy was the right match for us.’

Sarah said,” Caritas Care show love and care for us; that’s the difference.’

Andrew and Sarah: our Recruitment Process.

We asked how they found the process of recruitment to fostering? Sarah and Andrew both agreed, ‘The process was fine; it was mainly due to our relationship with Lucy.’ ‘We knew that Lucy would need to know every aspect of our lives.’ ‘However, it never felt intrusive because Lucy is sincere and open; she is a genuine person.’

‘We also know that, with Caritas Care, we could ask for help and guidance, and someone will come back to us straight away.’ ‘Caritas Care gets things done now, as opposed to 2 months, and even though they are busy, it never comes across that they don’t have time for you.’

‘Sometimes, Lucy will send paperwork and other things over for us to do; however, there is never any pressure, and you don’t feel overwhelmed or swamped with paperwork.’

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.


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