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Faces of Fostering – Sobia: I feel complete in myself through fostering.

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Faces of Fostering – Sobia: I feel complete in myself through fostering.

‘I feel complete now. I turned 40 this year in February, and I have ticked off everything I had aspired to do was on my bucket list. I wanted to be a Mum, to have a career as an Educational Psychologist, I wanted to marry the right man for me, to have a house, and a home with a car and a family.’

‘I feel I have ticked off all of my major life events and I feel like I am close to Maslow’s theory, I am at the point of self-actualisation. I am at the top of my pyramid. I know that every person is different, but for me, this is my realisation of who I am as a person.’

‘In the next ten years I want to see my birth children and my foster children to do well at school and attend college. They know we will always be around, however; we want them to function in society independently.’

‘Akmal has been great, and I knew he would be which is why we went into this journey together. Also, he is ten times calmer than me, and we share the same visions and goals.’

‘We enjoyed doing the training courses together, it gave us time to reflect together and an opportunity to better ourselves. This is important, because we can reflect and work out how we can do things better the next time and work out how to do things differently to get better outcomes.’

‘I feel that my best traits are patience and calmness. I am not phased in challenging situations. I don’t panic, I make sensible decisions which is important in fostering because I have learned through therapeutic parenting not to let my own emotions sway me. I know that there are answers to behaviours and I use my learning’.

‘Akmal and I had our initial training with Lucy and Rebecca, and everything we learned, we use. We are building strong foundations with the boys.’

‘We know there are gaps in the foundations because of the boys past experiences but, we can fill those gaps. We need to repair the healing for the boys, and to do this, we have to build a platform for them to heal from. ‘

‘We need the boys to feel emotionally safe in order for us to do this, which is why we have used the last 6 months to set up this. We also have an exciting new future for all of us to build a brand-new platform as a family.’

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