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Faces of Fostering – Byron on the importance of having an education

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Faces of Fostering – Byron on the importance of having an education

Byron believes in the importance of having an education.  His experiences, positive and sometimes not so, have helped him to get to where he is now…

I was expelled from 2 main primary schools for behavioural issues then in Year 6, I was sent to an SEN school which helped me.

Then, when I was in Year 7 to 11; I was sent to another EBD school because I couldn’t manage large classrooms. It was easier in this school as the classrooms were smaller, there were only about 8 of us in the class, so we could have 1:1 if we needed it, and the class had us, a support worker, and the teacher. I liked this school because we would go on trips together. I knew it wasn’t a regular school; it was a Behavioural school, and it helped me. Especially when I was rewarded for my behaviour, and it started to calm me.

I also have some Chinese ethnicity and I was racially abused because of this. I knew about racism; it is always there. However, I got used to it, it was made worse that I am over 6 foot tall, so I stick out anyway.

Whenever I talk to younger children about this, I say there will always be a moment where you might get bullied for the way you look or speak; that’s just a part of life that is going to make you stronger.

When you are in this school environment, bullies know they can affect you as you can’t hide. Obviously, because I’m so tall, I can’t anyway, and if you show they are affecting you, they will do it all the more and therefore, it will result in you getting in trouble.

I used to use violence as my answer, but I learnt that violence won’t get you anywhere, and they know it will get you into trouble. So, I learned through racism not to raise my temper level, and now I don’t care if anyone tries to racially abuse me because I know that it won’t work; and I won’t let it affect me in any way.

Note: Byron has currently and successfully completed his Level 3 Car mechanics course and is now looking for employment.  Please get in touch if you could offer Byron the opportunity of an interview.

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