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Faces of Fostering – Byron on the support from his Social Worker, Lucy.

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Faces of Fostering – Byron on the support from his Social Worker, Lucy.

The importance of Lucy, my Social Worker…

Lucy, my foster carers Social worker from Caritas Care, calls me even though I am not with them anymore. Lucy always helps me see the end goal, and sometimes when I don’t know what to do, she writes out a plan for me, step by step. Lucy knows how to help me, and each step she leads me to takes me to a point where I am facing forward. Lucy’s advice helps me to see where I am going wrong, and this gives me strength. Sometimes, I don’t know how to get out of situations, and therefore, she helps me figure it out.

When I got my Level one and two in car mechanics, I wanted an apprenticeship, but it didn’t happen. Lucy did the pros and cons of an apprenticeship with me where maybe I could look at things from every angle? Perhaps at this time, it wasn’t the best time to leave my learning and maybe I should stay to do my Level 3?

Lucy made me see the consequences of what might happen if I left, and the opportunities I may get because of a Level 3. She made sure that my dream wasn’t an impossible dream for me; I had one of those because I wanted to become a football player! Realistically, we knew that I had a better chance of a future if I stuck with my car mechanics and got my Level 3, though.

I realised early on that car mechanics was something that I would love to do when I got older; it suited me, making me calmer. Also, a positive environment enables me to see how I got to where I am now, especially as I was kicking off in school when I was 7 or 8 years old. I managed to get myself expelled from Primary school, so I never thought I would get to be where I am now. I went from nearly getting a criminal record because of my behaviour and found out I had ADHD, to now where I take medication to help me with my ADHD and getting a Level 3 in Motor Vehicle; all with no GCSE’s.

Lucy helped me a lot, and she still does. If I have an issue, she helps me to sort it out. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do next, I get a bit stuck, and Lucy shows me how to make plans to get past it. Her support and guidance give me clarity on what I need and what to do next.

Note: Byron has currently and successfully completed his Level 3 Car mechanics course and is now looking for employment.  Please get in touch if you could offer Byron the opportunity of an interview.

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