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Faces of Fostering: Steph on team effort

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Faces of Fostering: Steph on team effort

Caritas Care is a team effort; we work together and laugh and cry together.

As a team, everything we do is done correctly. However, it is more than professionalism; as a team, we feel it when things happen, and we are all affected. We may celebrate or cry in private; however, we also celebrate and cry together because we think of things together as a team; we feel for each other.

The team behind me gives me strength; they are my safe place. We cry, celebrate, laugh and act daft together and get rid of any negative emotions. But, more importantly, we keep focused together as a team, and we carry on.

Everyone at Caritas Care is a team, and for us to work as a team, we are integral in each other’s lives. Not just professionally, but personally too. We choose to socialise together outside of work, and there is a closeness between us all, which means we have everything covered as a team.

Our aim is to make our foster carers the best they can be for all of us.

We have also been fundraising for Caritas Care. We did the Preston 10k. I along with Sharon, Rebecca and 2 other social workers took part and together we raised over £800.00. It was exhausting.

However, as a team, we celebrated our achievement together over lunch and cocktails; we are living proof that a team that works together can play together too!

Our team ethos comes right from the very top of Caritas Care. No matter who is leading the team, we can chat with them; there is no them and us.

Rebecca, the Fostering Services Manager, is very open and encourages us to be the best we can be. Susan Swarbrick, our CEO, was actually part of the fostering team when I was a foster carer for Catholic Caring Services. Susan and I have a lot of history together, both personal and professional. For example, Susan knows my children’s names, now you don’t get that everywhere, do you?

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.

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