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Faces of Fostering – Steph says Matching Social workers with foster carers is essential.

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Faces of Fostering – Steph says Matching Social workers with foster carers is essential.

I know that it is crucial to match Social workers with foster carers to ensure we build strong relationships together. The structure is different with Caritas Care; the matching process isn’t just about matching children with foster carers. Every social worker will be matched with the right foster carers and their families to build solid relationships together. We do things differently because we know the matching has to be right for the children to settle.

Rebecca Hughes, the Fostering Services Manager, will match Caritas Care Social workers with the foster carers who she thinks will gel together.

For instance, when George and Marie transferred over to us on the first night, Rebecca said to me, come on, let’s go and call and see George; I think you would be a good match with each other. And she was right because we are!

I have supervised them through their ups and downs, and I give them my unwavering support.

George said he wanted to transfer from an agency because he was tired of having a revolving door of supervising social workers; no way would that happen at Caritas Care. With Caritas Care, your social worker is selected on who we think is the best fit for you to ensure stability. Ultimately, this stability is vital for the children we all care for and support.

I support all my foster carers. Sometimes carers feel a placement won’t work out; for example, when one of my foster carers, Emma, had a teenager placed with her, she was unsure about the placement; however, I encouraged Emma as I thought she had the skills to support this placement.

Emma was struck by me seeing something in her that she hadn’t seen in herself. Emma reflected on my comments and agreed to take the teenager who was then placed with her. Although it was hard work, Emma cared for the young person until she returned home. However, when she left, the young person went back to Emma to thank her for caring for her; she really appreciated what Emma had done. This experience helped Emma gain confidence in herself and her fostering role. Now Emma has 2 boys with her on a long-term fostering placement who are happy and settled.

At Caritas Care, we give people time to make their decision about fostering; there is no rush.

I know that people want to become foster carers for many reasons. Emma gave up her job to become a foster carer, and for her, it was never about the money; she just loves children.  George was an approved foster carer with an Independent Fostering Agency; he rang Caritas Care 3 times before leaving his fostering agency.

Whenever George rang and had a question, we would answer, and then George would go away and think it over. Finally, he called and said they had decided to transfer over to Caritas Care; we were delighted.

When you speak to existing foster carers, we always say to them, take your time, and leave it in their hands. Ultimately, it has to be their decision, but each time they ring, we think to ourselves, is this it? Are they going to come? And when they do, it is a great feeling because it has been their decision to be foster carers with Caritas Care, and we are thrilled to have them with us.

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.

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