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Faces of Fostering – Why Gaynor cares about fostering

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Faces of Fostering – Why Gaynor cares about fostering

We asked Gaynor’s Supervising Social Worker why she thought Gaynor cared so much about fostering and this is what she told us…

Gaynor and Stuart were already approved as foster carers when I became their supervising social worker due to their previous social worker being promoted. Over time, I have got to know them well and how they work as foster carers.

Gaynor is very professional in her approach at meetings and visits and is always prepared with information at her fingertips. Underneath this lies a person who cares deeply for the young people they care for and who views them as an extension of the family. The first young person they cared for remained with them for a time after she turned 18 as a Staying Put placement, and now lives about 250m away from them. They view each other as family and with regular visits, meals and celebrations and Gaynor also takes her shopping and to health appointments.

They now have another placement and the children were warmly welcomed into the home and family life. They have been encouraged to become part of the local community, joining groups and activities that they have an interest in.

What strikes me most about Gaynor is her view that children they have cared for remain as part of their extended family and they continue to offer support and guidance as long as is needed. She is also determined that the young people in their care will have the best there is on offer from the services that are there to support them whether it be school, health or in the community. She is a great advocate for those in her care.

Steph, Fostering Supervising Social Worker, Caritas Care

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.

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