Our fostering journey together as a family with Caritas Care…

Our fostering journey together as a family with Caritas Care…

Sobia and Akmal’s family tree currently has 4 branches occupied, however, as Sobia explains, ‘there are plenty more branches on that tree for the names of our foster children as our family starts to grow!’ They explained that they ‘made the decision to wait until their own children were older because they wanted to share the fostering journey with them, as a family.’

Sobia and Akmal believe that as a family, they can offer children the chance to reach their true potential in life, but equally important, it is an opportunity for their own children to realise that not all children are so lucky in life. They both know that their children have so much to offer to children who will live with them in their home, equally as important, there is so much they can learn from other children who become a part of their home.

As a family, they began to research local fostering agencies to find the ‘right one’ for them. It was important for Sobia and Akmal to find an agency that reflects their own values and principles in life. Subsequently, they knew immediately once they were referred to  Caritas Care, a ‘Not for Profit’ fostering charity, that this was the ‘right one’ for them.

Sobia and Akmal’s fostering journey…together as a family

‘We always wanted to become foster parents and provide a sibling group with stability, security, love and happiness. Ultimately, we want to give our children and our foster children the chance to flourish and reach their full potential.’

‘It is important to us as a family to begin our fostering journey together and we took the decision to include our children every step of the way.’

‘When we were ready to embark on our fostering journey we approached Verve Recruitment agency.  Val Hogan listened to our wishes, she understood our vision and she recommended to us Caritas Care. We are so glad she did because we haven’t looked back since!’

Caritas Care has the same values and principles that we hold strong to us as a family. Collectively, we have a shared desire to make a positive difference to children’s lives… regardless of their circumstances and backgrounds.

We are so proud to be a part of the Caritas Care family with their dedicated team that genuinely care.

The fostering process with Caritas Care…

 ‘The fostering journey has been a very positive experience from the beginning. The assessment process is very clear and very well planned by our social worker. We felt the process was very thorough, and most importantly, we found the support given to us was brilliant!.’

Not once did the process feel daunting or intrusive to us. We always knew exactly when and what the next step was, this was mostly as a result of our very organised social worker… she is amazing!’

Our amazing Social worker taking the time to get to know us…

‘Our amazing Social worker has taken the time and effort to get to know us, to see how we function as a family and she has gained a holistic picture of our skills as foster parents. We have received regular supervisions and we feel that our training needs have been met superbly. Subsequently, our social worker and Caritas Care now have all the information they need about us to provide the best match for the children we can care for.

Our birth children felt valued…

 ‘Caritas care has valued our birth children and their views have been elicited, this is so important to us as a family. Our children feel that their own voices have been heard and valued, it is important for them.

Training days are fun and informative for all of us…

 ‘Training days gave us opportunities to meet other families. These days were fun, informative and packed full of ideas which ultimately, was the start of us beginning to get ready!

‘We took our children on a day out roller skating where they met other birth children and foster children. As a result, they really valued this experience and they now have ideas for many more future events.’

Caritas Care…taking time to match children with the right fostering family 

‘Caritas Care match families and children together with great care because ultimately, the priority is to place the right children who match us as a fostering family to care for them.’

Sobia and Akmal are now approved foster carers with Caritas Care… they are delighted.

‘We are now looking forward to receiving our first placement as foster parents, it’s a really exciting time for us as a family!’

‘Our children have made small welcome packs to help our foster children settle in with us. Subsequently, they want to make sure that the children feel that they are part of our family…’

Click below to read Sobia and Akmal’s acrostic poem which they believe describes and highlights Caritas Care’s strengths as an agency.
Sobia & Akmal Poem

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