Caritas Care are delighted to announce our exciting new service

Caritas Care are delighted to announce our exciting new service

Future Families For Children

Could you be the mum or dad for a child who desperately wants to belong and be part of a family?

Could you learn to care for and nurture a youngster who has had a tough, unhappy start in life?

Do you have space in your heart, your life, your home to help a troubled child (aged 4 and over)  build new positive relationships and happier memories?

If you are ready to make a difference to a child’s life, we will support you, and your child, all the way!

A child like ‘ Liam:   he’s  7 and  has had such a difficult, sad  start to his life, and doesn’t  know who to trust, so  he  needs  lots of care,  time and help to feel safe and loved by his new family.

‘John & Sarah’ say, “ Because Liam has had such a traumatic start to his life we need plenty of time and support to bond with him and to understand the best ways we can parent him, so that we can build a strong, loving family together”

Would you like to know more about how you could make a difference to a child’s life?

Are you over 21? Do you have a spare bedroom for a child?

You may be single, married, living in a partnership, gay or straight.

You might be living in rented accommodation or paying a mortgage and be of any ethnic or cultural background.

You could be part of a faith group or have no faith.

Do you have lots of warmth, patience, emotional maturity, stickability and a great sense of hum


You could be the Foster carer and Adopter for a child like Liam.

Contact us now 0800 652 6966 or email us 


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