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Children Who Wait

Delivering high quality adoption services for 90 years

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There are currently around 2000 children across the UK, many living in the North West, who are waiting for that special family to which they can belong.

Sadly 41% of these children have been waiting for over 18 months.

18 months in a child’s life is such a long time, during which they are learning to walk, talk, play, socialise and are developing skills that will enable them to build secure relationships, the list is endless. All children deserve the opportunity to feel valued and supported, where they can grow up in a secure, stable and loving environment to enable them to reach their full potential.

Caritas Care want to reduce the time that children are waiting for adoption by finding people, like you, to offer them a family they can call their own from now until…forever!

We work closely with Local Authorities across the UK to find the best adopters possible for the children who are already waiting for their adoptive family.

Case Studies

To protect the identity of the children featured here, some names and images may have been changed.
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