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At Caritas Care EVERY BODY is welcome!

The agency values diversity. There is no discrimination in relation to sexuality, ethnicity, marital status or religion. Prospective adopters value this.” Ofsted 2018 

LGBTQ+ singles and couples can adopt.

In 2002, the law changed and this meant that whether you are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or non-binary you are eligible to adopt. 

When it comes to the adoption process we treat everyone equally. Everyone who applies to adopt enters into a thorough assessment process. We are looking for individuals who can be emotionally in tune with a child and who are in a place to cope with family life. We also recognise that the children we place for adoption come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, and as such we need adopters who reflect this.

Caritas Care is an inclusive charity and have LGBTQ+ Social Workers within our teams. We ensure that each team member has undertaken training on all aspects of their work and promotes equal opportunities at all times for everyone we work with.

We are proud to be COMMENDED members of New Family Social, a national charity led by LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers. The charity works to improve the treatment of adopters and foster carers by providing support, guidance and advice.  It has an established network where you can socialise and receive/offer support in a safe and inclusive environment. All Caritas Care adopters can benefit from membership.

We also hold our ‘An Audience with an LGBTQ+ Adopter’ information events throughout the year, click here to find out more.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer ALL of our adopters.  From starting your adoption journey, we will be there for you whenever and for however long you need us. 

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