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Welcome to Caritas Care Fostering Services – Fostering Lancashire.

Hello, it’s nice to see you and welcome to Caritas Care’s fostering service.

In our experience foster carers come from all walks of life. Each has their own story. There isn’t an ideal age, ethnicity, or relationship status. Each foster carer is unique, as is every child who needs a foster family. The one thing they all share is a desire to make a positive difference for a child (or children) who need a caring home.

Foster carers do such an important job and we need many more people from across Lancashire and the North West to care for children of all ages – though the majority will be of school age – who can’t live with their birth families for many different reasons. Those reasons can involve illness, family breakdown or concerns about a child’s safety and wellbeing.

Whether you look after them for just a short time, for a big part of their childhood or even permanently, we’ll give you all the support and advice you need to make it a success for you and the children.

We are particularly keen to hear from people interested in fostering in the Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, Warrington, Salford and Wigan areas.  This list is not exhaustive and we also welcome enquiries from other areas in the Lancashire region too.

If you are interested in fostering in the Lancashire and other areas in the North West, contact us today and Let’s Talk Fostering…

Our Highlights of Foster Care Fortnight 2020.  Song lyrics written and performed by one of our super talented foster carers, Emma.

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