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Fostering Support

25 years of delivering high quality fostering services across Lancashire

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The Therapeutic Intervention Service is an overarching support service that provides an array of support to our Adopters, Foster Carers and young people.

The team consists of one team leader, and three Social Worker Assistant who are all highly experienced and trained to meet the varying support needs of our families.

We understand that life brings about challenges and difficulties for all families and it’s important that our families don’t have to face these times in isolation. We work in partnership to look at how we can work through the more challenging and difficult times together, working closely with external agencies to help guide and advise Adopters and Foster Carers on other areas of support that would be beneficial to them and their young people.

Our Support

We provide a tailored support service as we recognise that each family and each person within that family are unique.  We are a therapeutic service and we ensure that our support is enriched with the key concepts of Dan Hughes P.A.C.E, Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy.

Our families are important to us and it is vital that we, as a service, provide ongoing support to those within the Caritas Care family.

Access to a vast training plan

Practical advice and guidance

Support and guidance for schools

Reflective Therapeutics Supervision Sessions

Access to a trauma therapist*

Direct Support for a Young person *

Emotional support

Support Groups in 2 different areas across the North West

Therapeutic Parenting Sessions

Support around family time

Training for schools*

Face to face Support

Training for Support Networks

Childrens Activities

Producing Reduction Anxiety Management Plans for schools (RAMP)*

Therapeutic Life Story Work *

(*any support provided to a young person would need to be agreed by the Local Authority due to them having Parental Responsibility)

Fostering Support

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Financial support is available to our foster carers who get paid an allowance when they have a child in their care.

Your options

Time to Foster?

Time is always in short supply and high demand.  Finding a balance between what we want to do and what we have to do is a constant challenge…

How it works


As part of your assessment you will be invited to attend our Skills to Foster Training and once you are approved, we have ongoing training to help you develop your skills

How it works

Impact On Family

We understand that fostering impacts and all members of your household, that’s why there’s always someone to help, someone to talk to.

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