Caritas Care Adoption Services in the North West

Children from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds

Delivering high quality adoption services for 90 years

Call: 0800 652 6955

Children from a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities and religious beliefs are waiting to be adopted.  Some of these children wait a long time for adoption and in some cases this can exceed 18 months.

The most important thing for an adoptive child going to live with new parents is feeling loved and developing a strong bond with their new family, whatever their background.  It is preferable that children have the opportunity to belong in families who can identify with them culturally, spiritually, visually and emotionally.  However, it is important that any family can support the child’s sense of identity and take pride in who they are.

We need families who can support these children with any challenges and issues they may have while they grow up and who would have the capacity to promote their faith, culture and religious beliefs.

To find out more about adopting children from different faiths, cultures and religions contact us on 0800 652 6955 or enquire HERE

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