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Carrie & Taz: Our Trip to America

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Carrie & Taz: Our Trip to America

CARRIE:   We’re so excited to tell you about our first family holiday.

TAZ: Yes we went on an aeroplane and everything!

CARRIE:   It was so, so high up. We could see clouds through the window.

TAZ: I’m glad I brought my teddy along so I could cuddle him as we were flying for a very long time.

CARRIE: That’s cause we went all the way to America.

TAZ: Mummy and Daddy told me we had to try and sit still in our seats. But it was longer than any time we’ve ever been in the car.

CARRIE:   Yes it was really hard to sit still all that time.

TAZ: But we were so excited about everything we were going to see and do.

CARRIE:   Yes America was a brand new country we had never been to before.

TAZ:   It was very different to home.

CARRIE:   Yes, and people talked funny.

TAZ:   But they were nice and very friendly.

CARRIE:   Mummy and Daddy took us to lots of different places.

TAZ:   Yes we saw some big mountains.

CARRIE:   They were very high up. Some of them even had snow on the top.

TAZ:   Mummy and Daddy took lots of photos of us.

CARRIE:   They also took us to a real baseball game.

TAZ:   There were lots of people there. It was very noisy.

CARRIE:   Especially when everyone cheered. It was lots of fun though.

TAZ:   Yes, and the people running on the grass went very fast.

CARRIE:   It was our first time at a big game.

TAZ:   But that’s not all we did!

CARRIE:   We also went to a very nice beach in Florida.

TAZ:   And we swam in the sea. The water was so blue.

CARRIE:   Mummy and Daddy brought us a new lilo to play on.

TAZ:     It had stars and stripes on it. It was very nice.

CARRIE:   We also went to some pop stars’ houses.

TAZ:   Yes. They were very big with lots of things in them.

CARRIE:   One belonged to a pop star called Elvis I think. And the other one was a lady called Tina Turner.

TAZ: Yes she had crazy big hair. We saw her photos.

CARRIE:   Mummy and Daddy told us they were very famous.

TAZ:   One day I’m going to be famous too!

CARRIE:   Really Taz? I better get your autograph! But for now you’ve got to go back to nursery and learn lots of stuff.

TAZ: Yes it was nice to go home again after our holiday and see my friends at nursery.

CARRIE:   Yes I missed my friends too. And my bedroom. 

TAZ:   Me too. I couldn’t wait to play with all my toys and my dragons again. They were all waiting for me in my room.

CARRIE: I told all my dollies about our holiday when we got home as well.

TAZ:   I can’t wait to go on holiday again next year!

CARRIE:   Yes I wonder where Mummy and Daddy will take us.


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