If you want to write a Dear Adopter letter…

If you want to write a Dear Adopter letter…

All you have to do is write a letter to yourself.

Write it to yourself at the beginning of your adoption journey. Think about the worries you had and had to address through your adoption experience. Tell us your story and answer all the questions you needed answering back then.

Just grab a pen and paper and write. We can see already how your letters are going to help new adopters.

New adopters or people who haven’t even decided to adopt yet need your help just as much as you needed it back then.

Once you have written your letter and you are ready to share it with us you can take photos of the pages and send them to us at info@caritascare.org.uk and we will make sure it gets out to those that need it most.

Thank you for writing. We look forward to reading about your stories.

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