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A Tale of Two Guitars…

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A Tale of Two Guitars…

Our Learning Disability service, Vision in People (VIP) are absolutely thrilled to have been donated 2 beautiful guitars.

Purely by chance, local resident Audrey Williamson was walking past Caritas Care when she heard our very musical VIP Dawid playing his guitar and remembered that her daughter, Rowena McEwan, who works for Tustin Developments had mentioned to her the previous day that they had two guitars at work and were looking to find a good home for them. Off she went home, told her daughter about what she had just heard, and suggested Caritas Care would be the ideal home.

Thank you to Audrey for calling in and presenting us with these two lovely guitars and to Hossein Ghiassi of Tustin Developments for his generosity and kind donation. He sent a message saying “I hope you enjoy learning to play the guitar.”

Moira Clayton, VIP Team Manager said “We are delighted with our new guitars, especially Dawid who loves music and entertaining us all! I can guarantee these will be put to very good use in the service.  Thank you so much.”


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