Assisted Community Engagement (ACE)

Assisted Community Engagement (ACE Project)

Giving ex-offenders Chances, Choices and Opportunities to build a better life.

ACE is a ‘through the gate’ programme which works with ex-offenders preparing them for release, and supporting them back into the community. ACE works with statutory, voluntary and private services to ensure that individuals have access to community links and have some stability on which to build a better future.

Trained mentors meet ex-offenders at the prison gate to guide them through the crucial first weeks of freedom, tackling issues such as accommodation, benefits and support with drug and alcohol problems to aid successful rehabilitation.

The programme also challenges the stigma felt by ex-offenders once released into the community and addresses possible barriers to rehabilitation which could stop them from progressing.

The programme also provides:

  • Assistance to keep all primary appointments e.g. GP’s, Housing Associations etc
  • Support and motivation to make positive changes through positive intervention
  • Skills development and Volunteering
  • Support in moving towards employment
  • Opportunities to support others using their life experience in a positive way
  • Leisure activities and sports to provide a positive focus
For more information, please contact Sharon Smith on
T: 01772 561 323