Dear my future family

Dear my future family

Dear my future family,

I just want you to know that I understand what a big decision I am.

Deciding to love someone like me, to make me a part of your family and help me to grow up into a happy person is a big job and you probably need time to think about whether it’s what you really want.

There will be a lot of boring paperwork to do and people will ask you a lot of questions about your life in a way you’re not used to and it might feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you’re worried that you won’t get chosen to be an adopter and it might break your heart a little bit and that’s a scary thought.

So I know that it might be a while before you pick up the phone.

But I know that you will, because I am waiting for you. And I will be here when you’re ready.

So will all the friendly people at Caritas Care. They understand.

I will see you soon,
Your future child

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