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How we support Adoptive Families

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How we support Adoptive Families

What’s your story?

Stories are central to the way we live – we see history as a series of stories within one big story. We keep family stories safe, they form our family history and something precious we pass on to future generations.

We all have a story…where we came from, what our life’s journey has taught us…

Stories bond us.  One of the first things we do at Caritas Care, when planning the beginnings of our new families is to have our adopters record a story for the child they are to adopt, so that this can be played to them at night to introduce them to their new parent’s voice.

Click here to listen to a recording of one of our Adopters reading a story to their children

Adoption support is all about stories

How do we keep the life stories our children bring with them safe, how do we help our children to understand their “story” and how do we use “stories” to heal, creating a new family story as we move forward together.

At Caritas Care we work with children and our families using a range of proven techniques. One of these is therapeutic life story work where we use stories to help children to work through and understand their early life.  We believe it is important for both adopters and their adopted children to understand their journey and their history, so have a full package of support that is adapted to meet individual needs.

Some of the authors we use as part of our life story work include Margot Sunderland, Sarah Naish and is ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr.

When you adopt through Caritas Care you can help to write your own story and become part of ours, receiving support from our highly qualified adoption support social workers.

If you want to be part of our Caritas Care Story, click here to get in touch…

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