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E-Book Launch for National Adoption Week – 2018 15-22 October.

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E-Book Launch for National Adoption Week – 2018 15-22 October.

National Adoption Week 2018 will take place from the 15th to 21st October. As ever the campaign will aim to find homes for those children who so desperately need them. But the focus for 2018 will be on the adopter.

During this week we will be launching an emotive, honest e-book of our award-winning ‘Dear Adopter’ series launched in 2016.

‘Dear Adopter’ is a collection of letters written by real adopters for anyone who may be thinking about adopting. Their honest, emotional descriptions talk about what it’s really like going through the process.

These letters also showcase a wide variety of experiences from adopters of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, including LGBT, black and ethnic minorities, single parents and older couples.

Susan Swarbrick, Director of Children’s Services at Caritas Care says, ‘Seeing all of the ‘Dear Adopter’ letters transformed into an e-book is a great feeling. It’s rare for people to publicly open up and talk candidly about both the positive and negative experiences they’ve had with adoption.

‘We wanted to allow people who may be considering adoption themselves a real insight into the entire process, the emotions that follow and the potential highs and hurdles they may experience along the way.

‘The people we’ve spoken to are real and their stories are genuine, unedited and, most importantly, 100 per cent true. Some of the names have been changed for confidentially purposes, but most were happy to have their names published.’

For more information on the Caritas Care ‘Dear Adopter’ book, or to get involved in National Adoption Week visit the Caritas Care website. Also keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages for special guest videos telling our adopters open and honest stories and giving their advice to anyone thinking about adopting.

You can read all our stories here 

You can also find out more by searching #SupportAdoption across social media channels.

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