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Faces of Fostering – Introducing Karen

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Faces of Fostering – Introducing Karen

Karen is a single foster carer with Caritas Care; she is caring for a 14 year old girl on a short term placement and is the #FacesofFostering for August 2021.

Karen’s motivation to foster young people came from her work as a Youth worker in her community and her Christian faith. Karen knew from her work that many children and young people were teetering on the edge of either going into care or were in care.

More importantly, Karen knew the impact she would make in their lives if she gave them 1:1 consistent care and support as a foster carer.

Karen had thought about fostering for a long time; it was something that was always at the forefront of her mind. However, she realised that there was never going to be a right time for fostering, so she set off to find the agency that was right for her.

This path led her to Caritas Care, and Karen knew from the beginning that this was the right agency for her.

Life has thrown many challenges for Karen over the last year. However, no matter what challenges she has faced, Caritas Care has shown her compassion and support that has been outstanding and unwavering.

Karen’s experiences in life through her work, personal life, and Christian faith enable her to see and understand the important things for young people. She understands the importance of family time for children to keep their sense of identity and belonging.

Karen knows that sometimes children struggle after seeing family; however, they must have consistent contact because it often comforts them. Comforting children and consistent care are important for young people, and this is why she is now considering getting a pet for her foster child in the future. (She wants a dog!)

Karen shares how her faith is important to her. It is a core part of who she is; but, she was concerned that her faith may make people wary of fostering with her? However, Karen knows that acknowledging each other’s faith and spirituality is important. It helps others relate to who she is and see the self-identity of the children she cares for.

Karen lives with her foster child, a 14-year-old girl, and has shared the important fostering has taught her. Furthermore, the memories she makes with her foster child and those memories her foster child takes with her are equally as important.

Karen’s experience of working and supporting young people means she understands life today for young people. She is very aware of the impact that Social Media plays in their lives, and subsequently, the importance of trust in their relationships together.

However, the one important thing that anyone fostering teenagers and young people, especially a teenage girl, is that you must have a sense of humour!

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Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.

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