Farrokh rebuilds his life with ACE after release from Prison

Farrokh rebuilds his life with ACE after release from Prison

Farrokh came to England after fleeing persecution in Iran in 2012

Farrokh was released from Prison with no plans or support despite him engaging with HMP Resettlement Services.  His case was deemed ‘too difficult’ because of his immigration status and a possibility of deportation.

At the time of Farrokh’s release, the news that he would not be deported came as a huge relief to him, as a life waiting for him in Iran was something of persecution and fear.   However, soon after his release it was apparent that he was suffering from significant mental and physical health problems. Things went from bad to worse for Farrokh. His Local Authority informed him that he was not eligible for DWP or homelessness support; this meant he needed immediate support and this is where ACE stepped in.

Farrokh said, “At this time in my life, I felt isolated and abandoned – as if I didn’t exist. My mental health had deteriorated rapidly and I just couldn’t see a way out – I had nowhere to go.  ACE helped me when I needed it most, I’m very grateful.”

Working with National Probation Service, Farrokh was sent for a brief period to approved premises.  Within three days, ACE had helped him to source suitable accommodation, finance moving costs and helped him to claim Universal Credit.  ACE supported him with Job Centre appointments, completed documentation to renew his Refugee ID Card and register with a GP to receive proper treatment.

Sharon Smith, ACE Service Manager said,  “We engaged with and supported Farrokh in person at our office and supplied donations of clothing, bedding, homeware, food and toiletries. Importantly, we welcomed him to our premises, listened to him and helped him overcome the barriers he was facing.”

In the longer term ACE helped Farrokh reconnect with friends, rebuild relationships and become part of a community again.

If you would like to find out more about the wonderful work the ACE service does in the community click HERE

Note: Farokh’s name has been changed to protect his identity and stock image used.

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