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Fostering’s got Talent!

There’s no end this young man’s artistic and creative talent!  Not only can he paint wonderful pictures (pictured), but he also writes beautiful poems – so beautiful we asked him if we could share and we’re so pleased he said yes!

Jack and the Beanstalk Poem

We all know how the story goes
Those magic beans
that out she throws.
Into the great unknown
The giant bean stalk arose.
Jack went to town with a frown
Un-wanting to sell his cow – which would turn his world upside down
Not knowing what would happen
An elderly man crossed his path in a wagon.
In need of a cow he exchanged “magic” beans
Intrigued jack received – very pleased.
When he got home his mother screamed
“you sold our cow for some stupid beans”
Jack cried and ran to his room, throwing his beans out with a ~boom~
Slowly growing inches away – jack opened his window the next day.
To find the bean had shot up from the ground
Jack ran out of the house, to see what he found.
Sneakily he climbed to see what he would find
To see a castle, he had imagined in his mind but he was not alone.
The castle belonged to a giant, who was scary and tall
Jack ran the other way with all his might
The giant thundered after him, giving him a fright.
Jack leapt from the beanstalk with a plan in mind,
to destroy the gateway, that no-one would then find.
This is a story of a silly boy
Who was tricked into a master-ploy
The moral of the story is never accept beans – if you don’t know what they mean!

This is fostering! If you could foster and support a young person to reach their full potential like this young man, we’d love to hear from you.  Click here to get in touch


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