Prison Life

Prison Life

Sometimes I find it hard to say what I think

But with a paper and pen my thoughts become ink

And maybe others who read what I say

Will think to themselves, I’ve felt the same way

I’m not saying I’m a prophet or even messiah

I can’t walk on water or magic up fire

I’m just a lad from the wrong side of the tracks

Who’s trying so hard to find his way back

I spent my whole life trying to fit in

Only to realise I was fine to begin

My hope is others learn from the mistakes that I made

And if it helps you it’s worth the price that I paid

I know I wished someone had been there that could have told me

The path I was choosing would lead straight to misery

Those times I thought I was being so clever when I was actually being so dumb

That spending years emotionless would leave me quite numb

I ain’t saying I would have listened to all that was said

But at least I would have had that knowledge inside of my head

Perhaps it may have led to making a different choice

I might have spoke up for myself, had more of a voice

There’s nothing big or clever about spending years in jail

But no-one tells you what it’s like with no visits or mail

Those that tell you Prison is easy

It ain’t no big deal

Are lying, too scared to show how they truly feel

Trust me, Prison will take you for all you are worth



MAP Group (ACE Project)

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