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Broughton Catholic Charitable Society donates £4,000 to support ACE Service

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Broughton Catholic Charitable Society donates £4,000 to support ACE Service

Caritas Care’s Assisted Community Engagement Service (ACE) is celebrating after receiving the second of four £4,000 donations from Broughton Catholic Charitable Society, who have pledged to donate £16,000* over a four year period to the service. The service, based on Sedgwick Street in Preston will use this money as part of their ‘Hardship’ and ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ programmes.

Mr Mike King, Board Member of The Broughton Catholic Charitable Society said “The objectives of the Society are the relief of hardship wherever it is encountered by making grants of money, priority being given to local causes. All the money we raise is through paid memberships and the generous donations from our Members.  We are thrilled to be supporting Caritas Care’s ACE Service once again; they do a great deal to support people who have nothing and need a helping hand to be able to move on positively with their lives.”

Sharon Smith said “£4,000 is a significant amount of money and will go a long way towards covering the costs of essential items to help meet the basic needs of vulnerable individuals; this includes new bedding, towels, crockery & cutlery, kettle, microwave… all those essentials we need to make a comfortable home.

As part of our Mental Health and Wellbeing programme, being able to provide opportunities for people to access outdoor activities such as walking in the countryside, cycling, canoeing, and caving etc… is a lifeline for some of our members.  Not only does it build confidence and self-esteem, it enables people to talk openly about their lives in a safe environment and with people who have shared similar experiences.”

Dale Tomlinson, Director of Adult Services said, “This funding comes at a particularly challenging time with the current COVID restrictions in place.  Such restrictions have prevented people engaging in activities to the extent in which they could 12 months ago.  This fund will help us to provide those much needed activities safely, so we can continue to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the people we work with.”

Note: The cover photo was taken in January 2020, prior to COVID restrictions and on receipt of our first of 4 donations from Broughton Catholic Charitable Society.

If you want to find out more about the work of ACE or make a donation, click here

*subject to annual review by the Broughton Society on how the donations have been used

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