What Fostering Means to Me…

What Fostering Means to Me…

Fostering is everything because I can bring children into my family and give them love, care, kindness and most of all friendship, all the things they long for. Every child turns into my new brother or sister and they get all the love from me and everyone else in my family, they are a new person to play with and to have fun with.  Fostering is a brilliant experience because you get to see all different kinds of people and get to know them and live with them.  Now I have been fostering for 8 – 9 years, I have been living with kids with special needs and young babies too.

Sometimes when children come, they need to learn all the basic skills that many people already know, and when it comes to the time of getting their school report it is a really nice moment to see how they have improved after only a couple of months.

The only part of fostering that really upsets me is when the children leave, although I know it is a lovely time to see them go back to their family or go to another lovely family, it still upsets me because they have been part of my family for so long.

If I didn’t foster my life wouldn’t feel normal, fostering is fun, enjoyable and as I have already said, ‘amazing’. I have had many people asking me ‘why do you foster?’ I say ‘because it’s fun and I love it.’  This is the last thing I’m going to say…If I am being honest I could make a book about all my experiences, some good, some bad.  If you are reading this and fancy fostering, just call your local agency and say ‘I want to foster’ NOW!

Marlie, Aged 13

If you want to find out more about becoming a foster family with Caritas Care visit our iFoster website here or contact us on 0800 652 6955.

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