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The Day I Made a difference – Social Worker Lucy

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The Day I Made a difference – Social Worker Lucy

09:00 Arrive at the office and check my emails.

10:00 Carried out supervision with my student. This is a role I particularly enjoy as I have the opportunity to support social work students develop through their learning journey, enhance their social work skills and practice in order to benefit those who they work with in the future.

11:30 – Phone call to Local Authority in order to advocate on behalf of a young person in placement in respect to their education. I put forward different options for the young person that will meet both his educational needs, and stressed the importance of him receiving a nurturing environment that will help to support him to develop his self confidence and self esteem.  This information has been taken on board and will help to find the best option for the young person.

12:00 – Team Run – Training for the Fostering Team 10k

12:30 – Attended a Placement Planning Meeting to arrange for a planned move for a sibling group, following successful planned introductions. Ensuring that all information is shared about the children so that the foster carers are fully aware of how to meet both of the children’s individual needs.  Sharing this information also helps me to know how to tailor the support the carers will need, and where I can source additional support for the children to enhance the permanency of the placement.   This is a great achievement being able to be part of keeping children together, who have already experienced significant loss and trauma.

14:00 Attend a meeting with a young person to talk through the challenges that he was currently facing, and  being able to feedback to him that I had taken on board his request for support with managing his anger and that I had sourced a therapist to help him manage his emotions.  I was so proud of him when he agreed to attend the sessions.  I felt that  he had trusted me  and a relationship with this young person who had struggled with professionals in the past had ‘taken a chance on me.’

16:00 – Delivered Every Action Has A consequence to foster carers and young people. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering  this training session and felt that we were able to get across to the young people and carers the impact of that our actions can have.  This also helped to share the importance of having a discussion of Organ Donation.  The feedback from the children and carers  was excellent, and the promises that they made following the training was that they were going to be kind to others, try to stop a  particular behaviour, and one young person even took the information to show and tell at school the following day.

18:30 – End of a very productive and busy day

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