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Why foster with a Not for Profit Charity

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Why foster with a Not for Profit Charity

Foster with a ‘Not for Profit’ Charity and create a vision for Change.

Our Social Media feeds have recently been filled with campaigns from Fostering organisations to highlight the increasing demand for foster carers.

As a result of this, more people than ever before are beginning to consider foster care as a potential career change. For others, they have reawakened a dormant passion for change, mainly due to the effect that recent events have left, especially to the vulnerable.

There are now more children in care waiting for foster carers. The campaigns may have ended, but they are still waiting…Therefore, for these children, we need to recruit 52 weeks of the year!

Not for Profit charities, supporting vulnerable people for decades…

Not for Profit charities like Caritas Care have been helping vulnerable children and families for decades. Our vision is to give children and young people the equal opportunities of having the same chances in life with dedicated support to overcome barriers.

We are looking for people to form fostering partnerships with. People with the time, experience and love, combined with an understanding of a child’s needs. Our vision, combined with the Outstanding support networks available by our team of professionals offers a unique focus of support to vulnerable children.

1200 foster carers are required for the North West alone, sadly, this number is rising.

The North West of England currently needs over 1200 more foster carers to provide safe and loving homes for children in care. This is nowhere near enough foster carers to care for the children in care who are currently waiting, and the number is rising. Therefore the urgency to recruit new foster carers has never been higher.

Fostering partnerships creating a ‘fusion’ of skills…

As a Not for Profit Charity, we aim to find foster carers to build strong fostering partnerships. These partnerships ultimately will create a ‘fusion’ of skilled people with experience and dedication to children to give them the support they so desperately need. This fusion, combined with the established support networks our charity brings to children and their families, offers foster carers a potential wealth of experience that provide support to them

Caritas Care an Outstanding fostering charity… 

Caritas Care is an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ Not for Profit fostering charity based in Lancashire. We are proud of our Outstanding rating, there are currently only 3 in in the North West who have this acculade. We have been awarded Outstanding for our ‘Overall experiences created for Children and Young People’, our Effective Leadership and Management’ and the ‘Outstanding protection given to Children and Young People’.

Outstanding support 24/7…

The support you receive from our team is outstanding and consistent throughout your fostering journey. The fostering journey not only begins with you as a foster carer, but it extends to your family to give them an understanding of the importance of their role and the impact that a strong family network can make to a child in care. Quite often, many children may never have experienced the comfort from belonging to a family, sadly, it may be the first time a child would have felt this; subsequently, we need to take time to create partnerships of care together and get it right.

My social worker is fantastic …she has been excellent from the very beginning. She was my Social worker throughout the whole process, and she is with me now as I enter my fostering career. One thing that stands out for me is how she took the time to visit each one of my children in their own homes to give them a better understanding of the fostering role. She did this to show them how they too would be a part of the Fostering partnership, and this showed to them how their input can make a difference.’ Sarah…proud foster carer with Caritas Care.

Fostering Partnerships…upholding the vision for the future.

The need for foster carers is more critical now than ever before…we desperately need to recruit people to help us to continue to offer a quality foster care service for vulnerable children and young people. You will become a fostering partnership with a Not for Profit charity that today still upholds the ethos and vision of the visionaries who created them…the desire and passion for giving all children and young people the same opportunities in life that they deserve.

Can you be the one to make a difference?

Foster carers are needed to offer a safe and loving home for a child or children. They must have the skills and compassion to understand and support a child or young person, and above all, to have foster carers with a loving heart, patience, empathy and understanding. … and a sense of humour is vital!

Get in touch today to find out how you can start your fostering journey with Caritas Care, click here



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