There is research that suggests that the decision to foster can take as long as two years to make.

It’s understandable, necessary even, so that you can move forward with fostering confidently, knowing it’s right for you.

One of the biggest barriers to giving yourself that green light is fear, fear of the unknown. Right now your potential foster child is an unknown.

They may be any age from birth to teenagers. They may be from your local area or from the other side of the country.

Even as a placement match comes closer you are given the child’s name, their particular needs and why they can no longer live with their own families. But it’s still nerve wracking because all you’re really seeing is an outline.

Don’t panic!

Soon you will know much more. You may see their passion for Everton Football Club. Or find out that they do a brilliant impression of Simon Cowell. Perhaps they love fish fingers, maybe they make a mean octopus from some toilet rolls and felt tips.

They are a child, just as you were once and they need exactly what you needed. To be safe, secure and cared for. To grow, learn and have fun.

And don’t forget…you are unknown to them too. So why don’t we let them tell you what they are hoping for in their next foster family. After all, we’re in this together!

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