Bringing together Fostering & Adoption – Future Families for Children

Bringing together Fostering & Adoption – Future Families for Children

Caritas Care is a leading charity in Preston providing both Adoption and Fostering Services. This position has allowed us to develop a unique service that brings together both fostering and adoption to meet the needs of a particular group of children aged 4-10. This new service provides a route to permanent families for those children who are often deemed “too old” to be adopted.

Future Families Carers will be prepared and trained as both foster carers and adopters. They will be matched with a child, or possibly children and in the first instance the children will be placed as foster children. Within 12-18 months, if it is agreed to be absolutely right for the child, as well as the carer/s and their family, the progression to adoption will commence.

Caritas Care are currently supporting families on their transition from fostering to adoption, providing support which is tailor made for the child and also for the carer. This includes training, regular individual visits, support groups and therapeutic services. All our children and carers are provided with good quality, sensitive support. This helps the child to build a strong attachment and provides the carer with guidance to work out the best possible ways to parent their child in a positive way.

We need your help!

If you believe that you could consider this yourself or know someone else who may, please get in contact with Caritas Care on 0800 652 6955 or visit our email to find out more.

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