Muriel’s Most Treasured Fostering 20 Minutes…

Muriel’s Most Treasured Fostering 20 Minutes…

We asked Caritas Care Foster Carer Muriel to give us her most treasured 20 minutes being a foster carer, here’s what she said…

“Well, now which 20 minutes can I choose: too difficult

It has all been a pleasure and an honour to try to help a child into his future.

Now I have to choose one 20 minutes….perhaps it was when he went for his Taekwondo belts; he got as far as a Green belt received, but sadly was unable to retain the previous patterns; nevertheless the receiving of his belts were great moments of achievement.

Perhaps it was getting a suit and attending the Proud Awards and receiving his certificate and trophy – and it was a wonderful night.

Perhaps it was me telling him that ‘that was wrong, and I am very disappointed’, knowing he may sulk for a while. Not a bit, he appreciated learning from his wrong-doing and turned and said ‘I love you mummy; it’s all a learning curve’.  Thereby repeating my words to him when his is forgiven for a wrong doing.

So many instances…his making friends with all peoples he meets, tending tenderly to the animals, making friends with his peer group (not easy for him, and still learning). Maybe its when he visits Uncle Reg and helps with his care by giving him a drink and just being on hand to help.

Mmmm…its all been made up of many 20 minutes of experiences – for both of us.”

Have you been inspired by Muriel’s MANY 20 minutes fostering moments?

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