Is now the right time to foster?

Is now the right time to foster?

For many people, Coronavirus has awakened a need in them to do something more, to stop putting off the things they wanted to do and stop ‘waiting for the right time’.

Sadly, Coronavirus is teaching us that there might never be a right time. There are many children in care waiting… please stop waiting. Because now, for these children it really is the right time…

Is it the right time for you to foster?

Foster care – the right time to protect children…

Sadly, many children have been placed into care for many reasons, these can include children having to suffer significant trauma. They may have suffered neglect, abuse, they may have suffered the death of a parent or a loved one, they may have placed themselves into care. Every child’s road is unique to leading them to where they are now. Subsequently, the paths people travel in life gaining skills to care for children is equally as unique.

Foster care… the right skills to guide children…

We need to find foster carers who understand why a child often displays extreme behaviour and who recognise that frustration and meltdowns are a child’s way to communicate. Sadly, some children use this behaviour as a way to gain attention, it’s the only way that they know how to be heard.

Some children have never been shown love and don’t know how to accept it, whereas, many children only know a love that will often have conditions attached.

Often children get used to being ignored, it is now normal for them. And for many children, being silent is the preferred option for them. Sadly, they have learned from experience that it’s best for them to stay in the background, it’s safer.

The death of a parent can shake the foundations of a child’s belief in the world as a safe place and it is vital to find a safe and loving home to help them cope with grief and loss. Most important of all, we have to get it right. We have to find people who have the skills to help children cope with this pain.

Working together with Not for Profit fostering charities

It is important to us that we build positive fostering partnerships with you and the charities you represent. Ultimately, we don’t rush the recruitment process. It is critical to recognise your outstanding skills and work together to give children the support they need.

Foster carers are people with special skills to guide children…

It takes special people to become foster carers who have the skills to understand vulnerable children who have suffered trauma. These carers have a deeper understanding and an inherent empathy to understand why children won’t let you in or speak.

Foster carers…taking time to heal a child’s pain

Foster carers know from experience that making a child feel safe and guiding them will help a child to heal. More importantly, they know that with time, patience, resilience and love, children will hopefully learn to trust again.

A sense of humour is vital!

I have to add those foster carers will need a bucketful of sense of humour! Children, as we know, have no rule books and they have their own quirky ways, personality likes and dislikes. Subsequently, you will find out very quickly if you get this wrong!

Is now the right time for you to foster?

Children who have been placed in care become resilient because life is hard for them. Our children deserve the best, which is why at Verve, we recruit the best Foster carers.

‘Not for Profit’ fostering charities…guiding you 24/7

We need people who have the skills to offer Parent and Child foster care and other specialists fostering roles including Future Families. There is a demand for people to give respite care to existing foster carers and give them a much-needed break. Most importantly, we need people with time and skills that meet the demand for foster carers in your area.

Foster Care… Invest in your own personal development

‘Not for Profit’ fostering charities invest in you, they invest in your training and your personal development. They value your personal and work experiences with children and recognise the unique skills and care you can bring to the role of fostering and the Fostering community as a whole.

The possibilities for personal development is immense. You can become involved in providing training for the charity which often develops into you becoming a specialist in your role. Subsequently, foster carers often become Ambassadors for their Fostering charities and are widely respected within their community for their dedication to foster care.

Foster care…becoming a voice that guides

Foster carers often provide mentorship and advocacy to children by becoming the voice children might need to be heard. Certainly, there aren’t many roles out there to fulfil both your personal and professional aspirations quite like fostering can! Is now a good time for you to become a foster carer?

Article written by Val Hogan of Verve Recruitment. Permission given to Caritas Care to share…

Verve is not a fostering agency, they recruit foster carers for Not for Profit fostering charities in our communities and work closely with Caritas Care. The reason for this is simple, they have the utmost respect for Not for Profit charities and the dedication, support and guidance they give to young people through positive fostering partnerships.

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