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Our Fostering For Adoption Team went RED for January

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Our Fostering For Adoption Team went RED for January

Congratulations to Kate, Julie, Amy, Sylvia and Claire from our Fostering For Adoption team who took on the challenge of REDJanuary, (introduced by Charity MIND to improve mental health and wellbeing through exercise).

Between them they have clocked up 1.000’s of steps and tried new activities, some out of their comfort zone, but have supported and encouraged each other to soldier on! From walking to running, swimming to Pilates between them they’ve had a go, got stuck in and are reaping the rewards of a healthy physical and emotional mind!

Here’s what they got up to and what they had to say…

Julie: ‘I’m heartened by the positive impact that it’s had on our health and well-being. I love the fact that not going for a walk at lunchtime is now something to be moaned about. I also love the support and encouragement we have given each other and that sometimes we have dug deep to go out in the cold and exercise when we didn’t really want to.’

Claire: ‘Lifting my daughter and dancing an entire song in the kitchen while holding her is my third workout of the day….and it’s the reason I deserve a glass of fizz! My arms feel every bit like I’ve been lifting weights!’

Kate: I have tried loads of new things and things I haven’t done for years! I’ve got myself up early doors for a swim, booked myself onto a 10k run in May (now upto 7k!) and started a Pilates class.  It has also helped me to catch up with friends I’ve not seen in ages – we’ve yomped for miles while having a good old natter!

‘ In our work we always talk to people about the benefits of a positive mental health, and the how exercise can make us feel so much better no matter what we are facing – I can now truly say that I am now practising what I preach and cant believe the difference it has made!’

Pictured:  Kate and Sylvia – trainers at the ready!

Sylvia: ‘The encouragement and support has been truly outstanding. I’ve clocked up loads of steps and miles even on the days I’ve been office based up and down Innovation Forum’s steps. I’ve started practicing what I preach in terms of taking a few minutes out of each day to practice mindfulness and can say that I’m feeling the benefit of keeping active. It’s given me the drive and enthusiasm to carry on.  Bring on the next challenge!

Amy: ‘I loved Red January, I loved how it brought us together, I loved how I used it to do different exercises and I loved the impact on my emotional well being and my physical health!!’

Cover picture:  Claire with her RED January T-Shirt.

Where will their next challenge take them? Can the Fab Five take on Fit February…Watch this space!

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