We took control of our future – Adoption was the answer

We took control of our future – Adoption was the answer

After three miscarriages and who knows how much time spent in hospital waiting rooms, we decided that we wanted to take control of our future and the answer seemed obvious – adoption!

We contacted our local council, who told us they weren’t taking on any new adopters and would place us on their waiting list.

We were heartbroken.

But then we were told about Caritas Care.

From the moment we first contacted them, they were wonderful.

The support they gave us was immeasurable. Every member of staff we have met has been warm, welcoming, honest and friendly.

We put in our formal application on August 14th, the day before we went on holiday.

It felt like we breezed through stage one and then we were hit with stage two.

I will warn you now, they want to know everything about you. EVERYTHING.

At the time you wonder why they need to know these things but it all becomes clear when you read your report.

We couldn’t believe the picture they painted of us in our report. It summed us up brilliantly and helped us find the child of our dreams.

We passed panel on March 3rd, only seven months after we handed in our application. We had a meeting planned two weeks later with our social worker to talk about the matching process.

We were fully prepared for a long wait, as we had been told repeatedly that younger children (0-2) were very few and far between.

Imagine the utter shock when our social worker walked in with the Child’s Permanence Report for our beautiful baby boy.

From the moment we saw his picture we were in love. He was six months old at the time and just a few months later we brought him home.

We had waited a long time to bring our baby home and had painted so many wonderful pictures of how family life would be.

HA! Little did we know! Sleep, how we miss you!

I remember ringing my parents and asking them to buy vests because we couldn’t leave the house. It just seemed impossible! But things calmed down and we learnt to live with just a few hours of sleep.

Looking back on our process, I would tell myself to relax!

Trust in the process and the social workers. They are working tirelessly to help you find your child.

It may feel like things aren’t moving forward but relax, they are. In less than a year we had our beautiful baby boy at home. Amazing!

Best of luck with your journey. The future is amazing but really hard work!

Ruth, Adopter

You Can Adopt too, click HERE to get in touch or HERE to book onto one of our online information events.



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