Choosing An Adoption Agency

Choosing a Voluntary Agency… YOU HAVE A CHOICE…

INDEPENDENT adoption agencies from across the UK have joined forces to highlight the choices available to people considering becoming a parent through adoption.

Caritas Care is one of 12 adoption agencies taking part in the #AdopterChoice campaign, launching on 11 April 2022.

Many people still believe that it is only their Local Authority that can provide Adoption services and support, but that simply is not the case. We want prospective adopters to know they have a choice and can choose the agency that best fits their needs and values.  You can ‘shop around’ to ensure that you get answers to all of your questions and get a sense of the choice between adoption agencies.

It’s important to find an agency you feel comfortable with, so you may need to speak to a few to find one that feels right for you.

We asked a group of adopters why they chose to adopt through a VAA, here are their stories:

Bill and Annemarie

After trying for a birth child for nearly 5 years Annmarie and Will decided to adopt. They adopted a group of three sisters who were 2, 3 and 4 years old and never looked back. Annmarie & Bill admit the support from their Voluntary Agency was amazing and has contributed to who the girls are today.

Annemarie said, “ We chose a Voluntary Adoption Agency because they were so friendly and they welcomed us as part of their family.  The support we got from them as well, we could phone up with something that sounds so silly to me, but to them it wasn’t! That was our biggest gift, knowing that we weren’t alone.”

Bill said, “They should be taking credit for our girls as well as us. What the girls have become has been through us and the VAA we adopted through…where we’ve got to is down to them and we can’t praise them enough!

You can make so much difference to a child’s life, don’t underestimate what you’re taking them out of and what you can offer them.  You can give them a life…if you get the chance and you feel you can do it – do it!”

Watch Bill and Annemarie’s story