Meet Chris

Meet Chris

Chris is described as ‘always thinking about others and wants to help people.  He’s a loveable character who has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face’.

Chris has mild mobility issues and learning disabilities and requires day-to-day support to help him to live independently in his own home.  Chris says, “I’ve talked to people about what I used to be like and how Caritas Care has helped me to become a calmer person.”

Chris is a well-known and popular character within his local area and regularly attends meetings about issues affecting his community directly.  He wants to make it a better and safer place for people to live and enjoy.

Lou Jackson, Supported Living Team Manager said, “Chris has come on leaps and bounds since he started receiving support from our team of Support Workers.”

Chris has learned new skills and can now use the microwave and set timers to allow him to be more independent around meal times.  He is learning to manage his budget and has an awareness of how to keep himself safe from cold callers etc…

He has support with cleaning, attending appointments and planning his menus to ensure he has a healthy diet.

Chris loves Preston North End and attends every home game.  He receives support to help him travel to and from matches.

Without the support he receives from our team of Support Workers, Chris wouldn’t be able to enjoy an independent life living in his own home.  This resource for Chris is vital in allowing him to live the best life he can and enjoy the things he likes the most.

There are a host of stories we could tell you about Chris, his big personality and his love of helping others.  Chris is one of many people we support, could you support someone like Chris?  Could you make a life better?  Click here to view our job opportunities.

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