Time to Adopt in 2022?

Time to Adopt in 2022?

As we enter 2022 and maybe start to think about new beginnings, there are many questions that hang in the air… What will 2022 be like?  Will we return to some kind of normality?  Can we make our dreams come true this year?  For some, we dream of finally getting to go on that long-awaited holiday, for others it might be the year to grow their family.

BUT, could 2022 be your time to adopt?

What we can say, is that we’ve certainly had a shaky start and it continues to be a challenge to make plans. Life seems to have been on hold for many of us.

Reality check…

For almost 2,000 children currently waiting for adoption, time hasn’t stood still – they continue to grow, learn and patiently wait for a family they can call their own; that family could be you!

Facts and figures…

Children are waiting up to 18 months for their adoptive family.  44% are brothers and sisters waiting to find a family where they can grow up together and not be separated; 26% are over 4 years old; 18% come from different faiths, cultures and backgrounds; and 4% have additional needs.  These children wait the longest.

Susan Swarbrick, CEO said, “With over 2,000 children waiting for adoption, some of whom have been waiting for over 18 months, the clock is ticking to find them a loving and stable family they can call their own.

We have been operating since 1934 and we have a formidable record of finding families for our most vulnerable children. Not only are we committed to offering  lifelong support to our families but we are open minded and flexible in our approach – that means you don’t have to be married, own your own home or be in fulltime employment to adopt. We want people thinking about adoption to approach us – together, we really can make a difference”

At Caritas Care we are urging would-be adopters to also consider talking to voluntary agencies when thinking about adoption.

Susan Swarbrick said, “Many people still believe that it is only their Local Authority that can provide Adoption services and support but that simply is not the case.

We want prospective adopters to know they have a choice and can choose the agency that best fits their needs and values.  You can ‘shop around’ to ensure that you get answers to all of your questions and get a sense of the choice between adoption agencies. It’s important to find an agency you feel comfortable with, so you may need to speak to a few to find one that feels right for you.”

Caritas Care are independent from the state and have been providing adoption services across the North West since 1934. We work in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the whole of the UK to find families for children waiting to be adopted. So you could say, we have a wider reach when matching a child to you and your family!

Susan said. “We recognise that adoption is a lifelong journey. That’s why we are with you from the start and provide holistic support for the whole family…for life!”

As a Voluntary Adoption Agency covering the whole of the North West, we would welcome anyone interested in finding out more information about Caritas Care and adoption to click HERE, email recruitment@caritascare.org.uk or call us on 0800 652 6955.

You can also join us at one of our Adoption Information events, click HERE to find a date that suits you and to book your place. 

Caritas Care are rated Outstanding by Ofsted and are commended members of New Family Social


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