Children with additional needs

Adopting a child with additional needs is exactly the same as giving birth to a child who has or develops additional needs.

It’s not the ‘need’ that comes first. It’s the child.  When you discover what a marvellous bright and brilliant spark they are, and how much they love you regardless of your own strengths and weaknesses – you also discover an amazing capacity to put them first.

You delight in their triumphs and you support them through their challenges. Each of these experiences builds and strengthens family bonds like nothing else.  Everyone grows.  More importantly, everyone grows together.

It’s a mountain to climb. There’s hard work ahead.  But the team at Caritas Care will dig in with you.  You’ll get all the training and guidance that your entire family needs.

And the views will amaze you.

Currently 6% of children waiting longer to be adopted have a disability. To find out more about adopting children with additional needs contact us on 0800 652 6955 or enquire HERE

Case Studies

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