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Our VIP’s have a cracking time decorating for Easter Egg Project!

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Our VIP’s have a cracking time decorating for Easter Egg Project!

As part of our links in the community, the VIP service was invited by Rob Wilson, Project Manager for Brick North West Vision, to take part in the Sarah Hicks Art Easter Egg Project 2017, funded by Preston Town Council.

A small group of our VIP’s have been busy decorating the aluminium eggs ready for display on the railings of the Japanese Garden at Avenham Park, which aims to create a rainbow effect around its perimeter, and also the trees outside the Harris Museum. The displays will be erected over the coming weekend for everyone to admire on Easter Monday.

Rob provided us with a kit to decorate our eggs containing 3 different coloured (orange, yellow and red) adhesive vinyl sheets to cut shapes from and make patterns of our choosing. To help us, we called on the assistance of local Graphic Designer Dave Higginson, who helped us to come up with some fabulous shapes for our VIP’s to use to produce their own designs and themes.

We have had an excellent time and worked really hard to make our wonderful patterns. Pictured are Yvette Sanderson, Priyanka Navekar and Simon Norris proudly showing off their achievements… and quite right too!

Our special thanks to Rob Wilson and Sarah Hicks for including our VIP’s in this wonderful event, to Dave Higginson for giving us his time to help us to be creative, and to Sarah Hicks Art for organising such a marvellous community spirited event – we’re really looking for to seeing the array of colour that will be on display for all to enjoy on Easter Monday!

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