Beautiful People

Beautiful People

We have been assessed by ‘experts’ who really couldn’t know,
Just what our capabilities are or how to make them show.
It’s really not their fault though, they just follow written rules,
To try to find us placements or some funding or a school.
We trundle on through life secretly hoping if we dare,
That someday we will get a place at wonderful Caritas Care.

The staff there are devoted and try really hard to find,
A spark of recognition, even the slightest kind.
If communication is limited they see things in our eyes,
And do their best to push us to fully realise.
The possibilities are endless if you only take the time,
To see beyond small sentences or even words that rhyme.

There’s really lots of potential if you have the time to spare,
Loads of hidden talent, you’ll uncover if you care!
If we have a bad day, maybe something sparks a fear,
Someone’s there to give comfort and wipe away our tears.
They treat us with the respect that we are entitled to,
There’s really not much difference between them or us or you!

To be treated any differently is no-one elses call,
God is not judgemental, he loves us one and all,
We may not have graduated, or even done well at school,
But please don’t write us off ‘cause we’re really pretty COOL!

Thank you to Anita Kelly, a longstanding friend and supporter of Caritas Care, for writing this beautiful poem about our beautiful people who work and attend our Vision in People (VIP) Day Service for people with learning disabilities.

Find out more about our work with people with learning disabilities here


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