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What’s the difference between Adoption and Fostering?

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What’s the difference between Adoption and Fostering?

Viewed from the outside, both fostering and adoption have a lot of similarities and it’s easy for the differences to appear blurred.

You could say that adoption is about providing a family for a child, a safe home and a long term emotional relationship.  But then some of our foster placements have lasted ten years or more and these children also benefit from living within a stable and secure family home.

The real difference is that…

Adoption means you become a child’s permanent legal parent, whereas fostered children are likely to have an ongoing relationship with their parents and family members. They will also have an allocated social worker who has responsibilities about their care.

Foster carers receive allowances whereas adopters generally do not. There are lots of types and durations of foster placement and there may be some areas of foster care that may be better suited to you and your family than others.

We have a range of services for potential adopters and foster carers to consider.  Read about them here..

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Future Families for Children

Concurrent Planning

Whichever path you choose it may just be the most satisfying and rewarding experience of your life and we’re here for you every step of the way…

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