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Adoption: Caritas Care are proud to be part of Adoption “Growing Families Together” campaign

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Adoption: Caritas Care are proud to be part of Adoption “Growing Families Together” campaign

Caritas care are delighted to be joining forces with Regional and Voluntary Adoption Agencies from across the Northwest to develop the “Growing Families Together” campaign.

Under the name Adoption North West, the Regional and Voluntary Adoption Agencies are working collectively to help support the children needing families in the North West.

Growing Families Together is a campaign to help recruit families in the North West who are thinking of adoption. We are working on highlighting the need for adopters who are willing to consider children aged 3 years and over.

Children of a preschool age, together with children in a sibling groups and children with additional needs, often wait a long time to be placed with a family.

Adopting a child over 3 can be a fulfilling experience filled with memorable milestones. Witnessing a child’s growth, achievements, and their “firsts” (their first day at school, their first swimming lesson, their first holiday!)  is a greatly rewarding experience, as it allows families to celebrate accomplishments together. The strength of the parent-child bond is not determined by age but by the quality of care and support provided – and with patience and understanding, families can create strong, lifelong bonds.

The latest data shows that across the North West as of 31 December 2023:

  • 318 children were waiting for an adoptive home
  • 134 of these children were aged 3 years and above

Sarah Johal, National Adoption Strategic Lead from Adoption England, commented: “The latest figures collected from our colleagues in Regional Adoption Agencies across the North West shows that 42% were over the age of three years old. We know that children of this age often wait longer than younger children to find an adoptive family. It’s great that agencies in the North West are working together to raise awareness about the joys children of this age can bring into your life. It would be wonderful to see more individuals, couples and families thinking of opening their hearts and homes to these children”

With Growing Families Together, we want to challenge common misconceptions – and we want to open the door for more families to consider and embrace the joy of adopting older children.

You can hear our amazing adopter stories HERE 

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