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Carrie & Taz: Making Friends

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Carrie & Taz: Making Friends


CARRIE:   We’ve been having lots of fun making friends haven’t we Taz?

TAZ:   Yes I’ve met some nice friends at nursery. 

CARRIE:   Me too! My friends at school have been really nice.

TAZ: Having friends is really good. But sometimes it’s hard to let them play with my toys for too long.

CARRIE:   Remember you have to learn to share Taz!

TAZ:   Yes I know. I don’t mind sharing really. It means I get to play with my friends’ toys too.  And some of them have really good toys.

CARRIE:   I let my friends play with my dollies. We play with our dollies together. It’s lots of fun.

TAZ:     Yes I like playing with my friends. It’s more fun than being just on my own.

CARRIE:   I think having friends is one of the best things about going to school.

TAZ:   Yes me too! I get really excited to see my friends at nursery.

CARRIE:   I even got invited to one of my friend’s birthday parties.

TAZ:   Yes, you got to wear your pretty party dress too.

CARRIE:   I felt like a princess. It was so sparkly and twinkly 

TAZ:   I wish I could have gone too. But thanks for giving me some of your birthday cake.

CARRIE:   Yes I got a party bag with some nice things inside.

TAZ:   But you didn’t stay very long did you Carrie?

CARRIE:   No Taz, that’s right. Mummy came along with me too.

TAZ:   But you had a nice time with your new friends?

CARRIE:   Yes I did have a very nice time but it was very noisy and there were lots of children there so it felt a bit too busy for me.

TAZ:   You played some games though didn’t you?

CARRIE:   Yes we played some fun games like musical statues and pin the tail on the donkey.

TAZ:   Wow that sounds like fun. I hope I get invited to a party soon. 

CARRIE:    I’m sure you will Taz.

TAZ:   Yes Mummy and Daddy said I can wear my dragon costume if I go to a party.

CARRIE: But it might not be a dress-up party!

TAZ:   Oh. I thought every party was a dressing-up party.

CARRIE:   Well you’ll have to wait and see. I think at parties everyone wears their best clothes. Like the girls wear their prettiest dresses and the boys wear their smartest tops and trousers.

TAZ:   Oh well I just hope I get a party invite.

CARRIE:   Don’t worry Taz, you will.

TAZ:   I just like playing with my friends so much!

CARRIE:   But you like being at home with me and Mummy and Daddy too don’t you Taz?

TAZ:   Yes I like it a lot. It’s like we’re a proper family.

CARRIE:   Yes we are Taz. We’ve very very lucky.

TAZ:   Yes we’ve also had our first Christmas together too.

CARRIE:   Yes, it was the best ever!

TAZ: We had so much yummy food to eat and there were so many presents! Santa even came down the chimney!

CARRIE:   But we’ll tell you about that next time.

TAZ:    Yes, it was the most magical Christmas ever!


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