Carrie and Taz – Remember Us?

Carrie and Taz – Remember Us?

CARRIE: Do you think anyone will remember us?

TAZ: Course they will!

CARRIE: Well it has been a while since we told anyone what we’ve been up to.

TAZ:  Like playing dragons and having adventures?

CARRIE: Yes, that’s what you like doing. But don’t forget I like dancing and making craft.

TAZ: But you also started a new school and I started nursery.

CARRIE: Yes Taz. We’ve been having fun making lots of new friends. And I get to wear a uniform. I feel very grown up.

TAZ: But you’re not as tall as a proper grown up!

CARRIE:   Yes Taz, but remember I’ve still got a long way to grow before I’m as tall as a grown up.

TAZ: We also went on holiday. A very exciting holiday to America with our new Mummy and Daddy.

CARRIE: Yes it was soooooo amazing.

TAZ: I loved being on the plane. It was so high up!

CARRIE: We saw and did loads we’ve never done before, all in a completely different country.

TAZ: But we can tell you all about it later.

CARRIE: Yes, we’ve got loads to tell you.

TAZ: We also had our first Christmas with our new Mummy and Daddy which I will remember forever.

CARRIE: We can’t wait to tell you all about it.

TAZ: Yes, and if you bring cake that would be even better!

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